About: Jim Bowman

jim2I have been racing for 16 years on the short tracks of Ontario in the Alstar series, Flamboro late models, NASCAR weekly series from Delaware.

My favorite racing moment was coming out on the track for practice hours before racing was to start and seeing my dad and two sons waving to me from the grand stands.

My funniest moment in racing was at Sauble Speedway when I flew down the front stretch and when I got to my braking point I push on the clutch instead of the brake and hit the wall with only me on track and not another car on the track.

My idols in racing is Roy Bowman, Ted Bowman and Earl strohl. All great racers and incredible men especially my dad.

My favorite thing to do outside of racing is spending time with my family just traveling around the world.

I am still holding out hope to get into the Canadian Tire Nascar Series but at my age this is getting rather interesting

Feel free to ask me a question or wish me good luck in the 2013 racing season at jimbowman63@hotmail.com

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